A wide range of both round and crushed aggregates are produced at the company’s various sites by either static plant or mobile plant.

Crushed Aggregates

Crushed aggregates are used for roading, driveways, house foundations, drainage, site works, pipe haunching.  Specific blends are made to specification as requested.

  • AP20, AP40, AP65
  • Fill material
  • 40mm ballast
  • Stabilised clay basecourses
  • TNZ basecourses
  • Seal chips
  • Drainage chips – all size grades
  • Crusher dust

Washed Round Aggregates

Washed round aggregates are used for landscaping, decorative, septic tanks, soakpits, gabion baskets and concrete aggregate premix (builder’s mix).

  • 6mm, 13mm, 19mm, 20mm – 40mm, 40mm – 65mm, 65mm and above, being grey to coloured decorative stone.