Our aim was to provide Cantabrians with the tools and resources to rebuild their homes with confidence, safe in the knowledge they had taken every possible step to ensure their homes were safe and secure for years to come, no matter what Mother Nature has in store for us.

  • Christchurch Ready Mix Concrete Ltd’s Ready Raft product is an innovative, cost-effective TC1 and TC2 foundation solution that offers strength, durability and functionality.
  • Ready Raft may also be used as an integral part of a specifically engineered foundation solutions in TC3.
  • Polystyrene pods are connected together to form a single unit within the perimeter boxing of the foundation. The weight of the reinforcing steel is applied uniformly over the entire area of interconnected polystyrene pods, assisting uplift restraint to prevent concrete flowing under the pods.
  • Our Ready Raft steel fibre mix can be used as a cost effective solution or alternative.
  • The Ready Raft Pod Flooring System incorporates customised details to allow building services including waste pipes, water, power and phone services to be integrated into the slab construction.
  • Every Ready Raft foundation/floor is individually designed by our engineers to suit onsite ground conditions and is of a fast, efficient and practical construction.
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