Innovation and ingenuity, a comprehensive research phase, and relentless attention to detail have resulted in a product that is immensely strong, incredibly durable and inherently reliable.

  • Suitable for TC1 and TC2 land, and TC3 on request.
  • Steel fibre mix for a cost effective solution.
  • Ready Raft uses polystyrene pods, plastic spacers and our specially designed Ready Raft mix to produce a quick and easy system.
  • Quality foundation/floor at a competitive price.

Unlike the often prohibitive costs of piling, which can now be required to go to a depth of more than 15m into the ground, our Ready Raft Pod Floor System is both quick and cost-effective to install. Polystyrene pods and steel reinforcing can be quickly and efficiently assembled, slotting easily together to create a flooring system which is able to withstand the ongoing seismic activity which our city continues to be subjected to.

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